Interrogation Red Carpet Premiere

BNS Fine Art (aka Bigue Selles) has created a wonderful piece of art out of a hardcore interrogation scene that I did with my friends Creature 33 and Pleasure Medic.  It was a scene that I had wanted to do for a long time, and it seemed like something that would make for good video.  Creature and Medic certainly gave it to me!  It was my hardest scene to date.

The point of an interrogation scene is completely different than a normal scene.  In a normal scene, there is a warm up, a period of establishing connection between the top and the bottom.  And then, the scene usually progresses in a wave pattern, moving up and down in intensity and in between sensual, orgasmic, and painful.  In an interrogation scene, the whole point is to break the bottom down till they call red (i.e. give them the information the top wants).  There were no sensual touches, no mind fucking, and certainly no subspace.  There was just lots of pain while someone was constantly screaming in my face.  That is not to say there was no connection or creativity.  This was the scene I wanted that day, and I definitely got it!

Bigue is a fine art director, and we wanted to do a video that was both well filmed and edited, but also very real and true. I think that is exactly what we did!  Bigue and Creature, after seeing the video, decided they wanted to do a “premiere” for it, and have set up a small red carpet event at Studio Eris for this Friday.  I’m excited to have my own little premiere!  I am gonna get dressed up and my sister, Anne, is gonna be my hot chauffeur;) Doors open at 8pm, with the video starting at 11pm.  There will be play, and a performance, a dj, dancing.  It should be lots of fun.

You can check out the event here–– and the teaser video here —

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